"Who" Not finding anyone she felt even more creepy and dared to scold Lu Qi's figure slowly came out from behind the tree Seeing him Su Qinghuan said angrily "What are you doing here with me" Do you want to die when you're so sick There was no expression on Lu Qi's face "I'm afraid there are wild animals on the mountain" His voice was not high but it shocked Su Qinghuan to stand in place Originally she is not a lonely person in this world there is a person who cares about whether she is in danger Moved in her heart she did not show it on her face "How can there be any wild animals on such a close mountain" She muttered Looking at the cool wind in the mountains and the abnormal flush on his face Su Qinghuan Nail machine manufacturer threw the dug Pinellia and the small tooth rake into the bamboo basket behind him and patted the soil on his hands "The rest are still small Let them grow for a few more days" Walking to Lu Qi's side he stretched out his hand to hold Qing Huan's bamboo basket Qing Huan refused "Don't be a hero" When you get better you can't even help me! She put on a ferocious look and pointed to the locust tree next to her "If you don't listen I'll beat you with this Humph!"

"You won't" Lu Qi is determined to be authentic Su Qinghuan "Hum when the time comes you will know that my seventy taels of silver are not wasted" She walked in front followed by Lu Qi limping destroying his tough temperament When he reached the river at the foot of the mountain Su Qinghuan stopped and squatted by the river to wash the medicinal materials In the river there were several naughty boys touching fish and shrimps and some women washing clothes saying that Zhang's parents were short and from time to time scolding the children not to go to the deep water Su Qinghuan was far away from them and Lu Qi stood behind her his eyes never leaving her Hey isn't that the little flower of the Su family Who's that gimp behind her

There was a woman with a long tongue whose voice was very loud and she did not hide her contempt and inquiry at all Fox spirit where can be short of a man Someone responded and there was a burst of laughter Su Qinghuan turned a deaf ear a pair of white hands holding herbs back and forth in the clear river watching the soil being washed clean little by little feeling the gentle touch of running water on her hands she enjoyed the process very much Lu Qi can you swim She asked with a smile Yes Lu Qi's voice is deep and magnetic just like his voice I won't I've fallen into the water twice and been saved Su Qinghuan said lowering his head and not knowing what to think of If you fall into the water again I will save you Lu Qidao with an unconscious tenderness in his voice Bah "Su Qing laughed and scolded" I don't want to fall into the water! " When the women on the other side saw that she was not ashamed of being scolded they were even more unscrupulous

The first woman to open her mouth said in a loud voice "How can a woman who has opened a meat dish be able to hold back" Think of a man at night whether he is lame or blind as long as that thing Lu Qi lowered his body to pick up the stones Su Qinghuan saw through his intention and whispered "No don't worry about it Just watch and listen The show is about to begin" As soon as her voice fell she heard a female voice suddenly rising and scolding sharply Nail machine supplier "Qian who are you referring to" You are so coquettish that you can't leave a man and everyone is the same as you! Your man beat you so hard that your mother couldn't recognize him and then you turned around and untied his belt It was the widow Sun who had been widowed for twenty years who had brought up her posthumous son and had been awarded by the county She is so shrewish that no one dares to mess with her The woman who had been robbed turned white and red for a while Not to be outdone she realized that she had offended the wrong person "I'm not talking about you" she said "You have to pull it on yourself Is there a ghost in your heart" The two women quarreled with each other one by one and widow Sun even picked up a wooden hammer to beat her clothes to fight with the woman surnamed Qian The people next to her grabbed her and tried to persuade her I can't live like this Widow Sun cried and said "God has killed our mother and son and now everyone is bullying us" "Tomorrow I'll go to the county seat and complain to the county magistrate's wife" Widow Sun was interviewed by the county magistrate's wife which she could say for a lifetime When Qian heard her mention the county magistrate's wife she was a little short of breath Although she muttered "Who are you scaring" She did not dare to say anything more

Su Qing laughed so hard that her eyebrows and eyes curved She tilted her head and asked Lu Qi "Isn't it interesting" "So you want to be a widow" "Yes ride roughshod and be unscrupulous" "I'm sorry" Chapter 8 she is a fox spirit "Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda" Su Qinghuan comforted himself "Maybe God was moved and let me go back!" She said the latter sentence in a iron nail machine very low voice but Lu Qi heard it clearly Where to He didn't ask but he kind of wanted to know Let's go Su Qinghuan finished washing the medicinal materials and stood up After squatting for too long her legs and feet were numb When she stood up her feet slipped She exclaimed in her heart "I want to finish" but she was firmly grasped by a big hand Thank you Standing still Su Qinghuan said Lu Qi withdrew his hand in silence but his body leaned forward slightly and his arms opened a little to make a protective gesture "Let's eat something good tonight" said Su Qinghuan with a smile She said to widow Sun who was still making a noise

"Aunt Sun do you still have a rooster in your house" I've heard of seventy pennies each I'll take eighty pennies and you give me a big one and ten eggs at the market price Widow Sun raised chickens ducks geese and pigs to help her eldest son She was very happy when she heard this She forgot that she was quarreling and said excitedly "Well I'll come to my aunt's house later I'll pick the biggest egg for you" Su Qing grinned and said "Thank you aunt" My husband is weak He needs to mend more He may have to trouble his aunt What's the trouble No trouble no trouble Widow Sun smiled and looked at Su Jinju with a very eager attitude Ching Huan when did you get married Su Qinghuan made a shy and timid appearance "I got married a few days ago My husband is from the capital He is an old acquaintance of the host family" It was he who begged me from the master's family He was excluded from the family in Beijing so he came to us Lu Qi said in a deep voice "Go home as soon as you've finished washing" Su Qinghuan secretly happy in the heart this guy is quite cooperative "Yes my husband" said her daughter-in-law 。 3shardware.com