Think of heavy treasure this point Li Xiao eyes flashed a light staring at the blood soul altar took a look There was a little more strange thought in my heart Xiaoguang what do you think Li Xiao asked Xiaoguang what he thought of the blood soul altar This blood soul altar is indeed a special magic weapon can detect the deep power of Qi and blood unfathomable! But this thing can not move the mind now this is not the treasure we can take away now I will pay close attention to this thing when I test it later and try to get the real core information of this thing Xiaoguang sent a message Li Xiaowen said The throb in his heart gradually settled down and then he began to look at the present environment Now this blood soul altar as a whole gives people a very mysterious feeling When Li Xiao was still looking at it he heard the voice of the Supreme Elder like wire nail machine manufacturers thunder ringing through the four directions Nowadays

It is the second talent test Qi and blood test This time the blood and blood light can lead to the shock of the Blood Soul Altar even if it is passed; it can make the Blood Soul Altar show light even if it is excellent; it can make the Blood Spirit Altar blood light block the sky and the sun it is the top blood talent; it can let the Blood Spirit Altar evolve as big as the sky and as small as dust so that this scene can be presented in the void on the top of Baisheng Mountain shocking the world famous all over the world and famous far and The Supreme Elder is still standing in the void Overlooking all living beings the tone is indifferent After he said these words he was only silent for a moment and then he said

"This time you need to do" Is to condense a drop of blood with their own control put it into the blood soul altar can be In this order there is no priority and all geniuses can be expressed together You can also look at other people's performance first The Taishang elder finished glanced at Li Xiao his face was still not sad or happy and he could not see any emotional changes After his words fell Yan Jiuhuang was the first to come out and raised his hand to shoot a bloody arrow at the altar of the blood soul This blood light moment into the blood soul altar then at this time the blood soul altar suddenly shook open a blood light such as Optimus Prime directly through heaven and earth emitting dazzling blood light! Blood light such as shining through the ages bright and dazzling dyed this piece of heaven and earth! This moment of change immediately shocked everyone obviously Yan Jiuhuang a shot is to take the lead to be the first to show unparalleled talent will frighten all others As long as a strong idea is branded in the hearts of these geniuses he will gather more luck and become more overbearing!

Sure enough just the blood light that blocked the sun directly shocked many geniuses but among the more than nine hundred geniuses there were still other absolute geniuses so after Yan Jiuhuang another genius came out immediately This man's name is Hua Qingyin Nail Making Machine manufacturers He did not have any superfluous movements but stepped forward punched out a blood light also entered the blood soul altar the blood soul altar in this moment'buzzing 'a cry and then rose to the sky suddenly emitting a blood light again in the blood light there is a condensation of Hua Qingyin's appearance the same brilliance of the whole world but this piece of blood light The range is obviously much smaller than that of Yan Jiuhuang's blood light At the same moment Hua Yuxi and Ji Canglan came out at the same time and then two blood arrows shot out and sank into the blood soul altar Buzz ~ ~ Two shocks but only the blood of the blue shadow of Ji Cang rose to the sky shining heaven and earth such as the ancient light of heaven and earth and the previous light of Yan Jiuhuang stood up to each other But that Hua Yuxi's blood water actually does not seem to have the movement Just when everyone felt that the eldest lady of the Hua family seemed to have her name in vain she saw the virtual shadow of Hua Yuxi's fairy on the altar of the blood soul and then the virtual shadow seemed to control one side of heaven and earth

With a wave of her big hand the blood soul altar suddenly became extremely large blocking the sun with the blood soul altar derived its own blood light the rest of the genius of the blood light have been covered up and suppressed is completely dominant! This scene is directly presented in the void of Tianji Mountain of Tianji Sect so this performance will also appear in the top of the peaks of other sects that is to say the performance of Hua Yuxi in this scene has been shocked to stop! This scene appeared Li Xiao also clearly felt that there were a lot of powerful energy fluctuations flying from the distance obviously this side of the movement really alarmed some really hidden between heaven and earth Miss Hua this time quietly directly comparable to the blood talent of the real person in the sky at the beginning! "You really deserve to be the Nail machine manufacturer eldest lady of the Hua family!" "I wonder how Li Xiao is doing" "How" In terms of Qi and blood it's a draw at most

After all Li Xiao is from Haoyue Mansion How can the blood be very strong in that place "That's true" …… Hua Yuxi caused some movement originally like such a scene should cause a very strong uproar just because the previous performance of Li Xiao is too bad so that at this time there was the same change that Ji Cangqiong had shown but can not cause the absolute excitement of many geniuses Shock is inevitable but there is no great surprise After Hua Yuxi Chong Junchu Hua Taichu and others came forward one after another and then many other geniuses came forward one after another to test their blood Among these geniuses there are few geniuses who can not shake the altar of blood soul and most of the rest have passed the blood test And in Li Xiao side under the attention of Li Xiao Han Yuling sister and brother just barely caused the shock of the blood soul altar is qualified to pass Deng yuanlian did not trigger the shock of the blood soul altar this pass failed After Yang Qianxue and Shang Xinhen two people's performance is almost the same Yang Qianxue performance is better led to a not strong not weak blood light Shang Xinhen just led to a more common blood light and many geniuses are not much different When it was Li Ru's turn only a light of blood appeared and Li Xiao felt that the altar of the blood soul had suddenly encountered a very terrible thing and suddenly rose to the sky and swelled up directly blocking the sun spitting out the light of a sea of blood burying heaven and earth This change even shocked Li Xiao!