Du Yun stopped with his back to him and now most of his thin pajamas were lifted up his back was white and thin and there was an indescribable fragrance like milk The man in front of him repeatedly muttered that he wanted to scratch his back but he stretched out his hand but could not reach it so he could only move around his shoulder and finally he had to withdraw his hand and Investment casting parts shout again "Uncle" Gu Li was called back by this sentence He put his hand over it and scratched it gently This scene is somewhat strange even absurd for Gu Li who has no relatives He hardly knows what is going on in his mind as if it is all chaos Gu Li has a thin cocoon on his hand scratching the back of the person in front of him trembles slightly the butterfly bone seems to be able to break through the thin skin from which the wings come out Du Yun stopped being touched by him and his face was buried in the quilt

The man said "Pain" He saw that the skin of the person in front of him was very fine and there were fine red marks when he scratched it a little Du shook his head his voice trembling and whispered "It's comfortable" Gu Li's hand was there Uncle's hand is so big "Du Yun stopped turning around and sticking his hand to the man a whole circle smaller warm breath and milk fragrance together as if it was sweet" I also want such a pair of hands " Gu Li didn't answer him Du Yunting only felt that the quilt over there did not move After a while he heard the man say in a low voice "Go to sleep" It's a pity that Du is a coward That's it After all his efforts he had nothing to show The capital of big business has to be exposed to the sun to show its sincerity! Gu Li's hand reached over and patted him on the quilt and his voice tightened No more talking! Du Yunting "" Okay He quits while he's ahead smashes his mouth and goes to sleep The man next to him got up in the middle of the night and came back a long time later After lying down again Gu Li slept until dawn for a long time

This is not the same as before Gu Li has used quite a lot of methods sleeping pills have been tried but also failed to get a sound sleep His alertness seemed to be innate and even when he was asleep he could not completely put his heart down Little nephew seems to be an exception Gu Li could not tell why this exception was but he had to admit that such an exception was not offensive The city woke up early in the morning The people at the railway station have been making a lot of noise since the morning A slow train entered the station and opened the door The smell of instant noodles that had not been cleaned up yesterday mixed with the smell of smoke drifted down The workers' bags were piled up in the aisle The people who wanted to get off had to step on the snakeskin bag and turn it down They stepped a little harder and were stared at by the people who were holding the toothbrush to brush their teeth Xiao's father and mother are also turning outward Mother Xiao stepped on it as a matter of course accidentally touched the garbage mouth on the car rubbed it on the snakeskin bag next to it and rubbed off the soup of the instant noodles Did you find the address "I've found it I've found it" Father Xiao rummaged through his pocket and took out a crumpled note from the fellow villager die casting parts "Here it is" "Hey uncle and aunt here!" Not far away someone waved to them Xiao's father narrowed his eyes and saw a fellow villager trotting over "I just bought a warehouse and pulled goods

Why don't I take my uncle and aunt for a while" Xiao's father hastened to say yes thinking clearly that he could save a few yuan in this way My son lives here "Near here" said the fellow-townsman while driving "good place high house prices tens of thousands of yuan per square meter!" So the old man and the old woman all lay down by the window to look at the building and their expressions were like looking at Jinshan Xiao Pingnan's house is naturally not bought but rented Most of the students who study PUA are set up to be tall rich and handsome The teacher who teaches the course rents a house specially for this one to live in today and for that one to live in tomorrow Whoever needs to bring people to bed will bring them here and give them a stable image Of course it's not free There are pinhole cameras everywhere in the house and they have to be sold as homework It's Xiao Pingnan's turn these two days Because of the last watch Xiao Pingnan was still a little unhappy and did not want to be in such a hurry to contact Chen yuanqing

There was no shortage of people around him After all he looked good and dressed like a dog Within two days he coaxed a little boy with a circle of friends full of yachts and red wine Just one night later he hugged people in the room and talked with them in the morning The little boy was shy and timid "Brother Xiao your house is decorated with good taste" Xiao Pingnan smiled die casting parts and said "My mother graduated from the Department of Architecture and has some research on interior design" My father is different Although he is a law major he started to do business later The little boy was even more tempted "It's good to do business!"! If you don't do business how can you live so happily Before he had finished a sentence he heard someone smashing the door outside The old man and the old woman shouted at the top of their voices "Two boys two boys!"

You don't want your father and mother do you You have no conscience Who gave birth to you and raised you Who brought you up Now that you're promising you don't care whether your parents live or die! "How did I give birth to such a heartless man as you" The old lady in the village scolded her son without ambiguity spitting out a few dirty words scaring the little boy beside her to stare in surprise Brother Xiao what are you doing outside A debt collector Xiao Pingnan's face was blue and white for a while Listening to his parents scolding him by name outside he simply raised his voice and shouted "You're looking for the wrong one!" Xiao's father and mother stared "Hey we're looking for the wrong one!"! When they were young they were powerful masters and when they were old they sat down on the ground and immediately began to cry at the top of their voices Crying that his son was not filial crying that he was old and incompetent taking off his shoes and clapping on the ground after a while the property security guards were attracted Xiao Pingnan deeply felt that he had said the wrong thing and knowing his parents' ability he was afraid to disturb more people so he quickly left the people around him to open the door The little boy hid behind him but the marks on his neck could not be hidden Xiao's mother took a look and didn't take it seriously She rushed straight in Your mother is not allowed to come into your house! "" Xiao Pingnan has a headache autoparts-dx.com