Zhanzhao suddenly understood but shook his head and smiled "dare to joke with me" If I really thought you were a murderer just now and took you with a knife you wouldn't even have a chance to breathe now "Because I know that the guard is chivalrous knows right from wrong and will never kill a good man by mistake" Zhao Hanyan explained "Does Lord Zhan have anything to ask If not I should go back to pickle the radish" Zhanzhao came to his senses and nodded Although he had a lot of thoughts about Zhao Hanyan in his heart it was important to investigate High Speed Nail Making Machine the case at the moment and the little cook would not run away Zhao Hanyan nodded to Zhanzhao and left with Chunlai carrying a basket of radishes After Gongsun Ce checked the scene he didn't see Zhanzhao He searched everywhere and looked at him standing at the back door in a daze Gongsun Ce patted Zhanzhao on the shoulder What's the matter "It's all right" Zhanzhao smiled at Gongsun Ce "Sir have you checked the identity of the little cook"

"There is a real person in the household registration and the family has seen it Although the house is big it is dilapidated" Gongsun Ce asked Zhanzhao "Why do you suspect that there is something wrong with the identity of Zhao Han's little brother" Zhan Zhao frowned I don't know whether to nod or shake his head so I had to tell Gongsun Ce about the conversation between the two of them After hearing this Gongsun Ce twirled his beard and laughed "That makes sense The cook and the cook do have something in common and the cook often cuts open the corpse" "I'm not joking sir The little cook is not simple" "I told you he's not Nail production machine simple If he's simple who dares to be a cook here" GongSunCe already figured out this point turn that is found Zhao Han is not ask the exhibition Zhao its whereabouts learned that she went back to the house pickled radish GongSunCe good sigh with a smile "just saw so horrible corpse still can think of pickled radish conscientious don't you think this is somewhat similar to the bag adult" Zhanzhao "…" Zhao Hanyan bought more salt on the way back

When I returned to the kitchen of Kaifeng Mansion it had cleared up Zhao Hanyan saw Xiuzhu sitting absently under the porch motionless What's going on here "I'm afraid I won't be alone in the house when I come back" Chun went to look at Xiuzhu over there and whispered to Zhao Hanyan I'll persuade her to wash the jar and scald it with boiling water Spring comes spring goes brothers promise Zhao Hanyan called Xiuzhu to come over Xiuzhu immediately came to her senses and when she saw Zhao Hanyan she rushed over and hugged Zhao Hanyan's arm trembling to express her fear Go and wash the radish Zhao Hanyan pointed to two baskets of radishes on the ground Xiuzhu was stunned Don't be idle when you're busy and you won't think about it Zhao Hanyan explained Xiuzhu nodded clearly and went to the well to fetch water to wash the radish Although Xiuzhu's body is thin but her hands are full of strength carrying dozens of catties of things without effort and she is a good hand at work which can stand up to a man Zhao Hanyan likes her very much not only has a good temper but also works quickly wire nail machine manufacturers so so many maidservants only trust her and take her with them Zhao Hanyan divided the radishes into small medium and large portions according to size

The small portion was shredded and dried in the sun ready to be used later as a salad The medium portion was cut into strips and salted and then added some special seasonings to make a refreshing salted radish The remaining largest and crispest radish was used to make pickled radish The method is also very simple cut the radish into your favorite pattern put it into the jar add the selected sauce that Zhao Hanyan bought in the market before and wait for a day or two to eat After finishing the radish Zhao Hanyan thought that Zhanzhao and others were afraid to stay up late tonight so he grabbed some previously cut radish shreds and salted them lightly Take two catties of red beans and add water into the pot and use the temporary stove built yesterday to cook the beans After Zhao Hanyan sent Wang to watch the fire he stretched himself and went back to his room to rest Xiuzhu also finished the work tired all over the pain followed Zhao Hanyan back to the house sticky bed fell asleep in the past Zhao Hanyan looked at her sleeping soundly did not think about the scene of the murder did not have nightmares smiled and covered her with a thin quilt She couldn't sleep so she lay on the couch and looked at the menu When she was really sleepy she took a nap and slept for about half a stick of incense When Zhao Hanyan came out of the room the sunset glow had already burned the western sky Xiuzhu changed into fresh clothes and followed behind Zhao Hanyan finally with a smile on her face

"Better" Zhao Hanyan asked Xiuzhu nodded her head and said "The strange Nail Making Machine price maidservant is worthless I came to serve you but I have to let you worry about me I won't do it next time!" "You're welcome" Zhao Hanyan shook his head and left Xiuzhu quickly followed and continued to make amends but when she realized that she was'polite 'after making amends she covered her mouth Come on I'm kidding you Help me cook Zhao Hanyan laughed Cook But the stove is not ready yet "Just do something simple with that temporary stove" Zhao Hanyan insisted Xiuzhu couldn't help laughing and sighing "Our childe really likes cooking" When they arrived at the kitchen Lai Wangzheng brought a cart of firewood to the kitchen The driver was an old man surnamed Zhang who was over sixty years old He was lean and dark When he smiled half of his mouth was missing teeth but he was full of simplicity Zhang Laohan jumped out of the oxcart and helped Laiwang unload the cart with a smile As Laiwang moved the firewood he spoke loudly to the old man Zhang Although the old man Zhang pointed his ear in the direction of Laiwang he still couldn't hear clearly occasionally He would ask with a smile

"What did Brother Laiwang just say" Lai Wang and Zhang Laohan began to unload the truck They pulled a bundle of firewood from the truck respectively Suddenly something fell down Lai Wang put down the firewood and picked up the strip-shaped thing that had just fallen on the ground When he looked carefully it turned out to be a silver nail and a nanmu ruler The color of the ruler was brownish red and the surface was smooth and shiny It was a good thing at first sight and no one would throw it into the stack of firewood to burn it Lai Wangdang is Zhang Laohan's thing When he was cutting firewood he accidentally left it behind and sent it to Zhang Laohan Old man Zhang shook his head as he waved his hand "Isn't this mine" Is it really not yours Why is that on your firewood cart Lai Wang keep the volume high The old man listened and shook his head and waved his hand more quickly "It's not mine It's really not mine I don't know why it's here" 。 3shardware.com